Red Lines and (Self-)Censorship: Journalism in Southeast Asia

On World Press Freedom Day, fellow journalists in Southeast Asia and I discussed challenges of working under red lines and self-censorship. With an amazing write-up from the editors of Singapore-based New Naratif. 

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A rural wedding

Un homme, une femme, attirés l’un vers l’autre,

Se lient par la luxure 

La communication qui les mêle tient 

A la nudité de leurs déchirures.

Les amours signifie qu’il ne se voient pas

L’un en l’autre leur être, mais leur blessure,

Et le besoin d’être perdu:

Il n’est pas de désir plus grand que celui

Du blessé pour une autre blessure

Georges Bataille, ”Le coupable


The photos were taken in a countryside wedding in Nghe An province, Vietnam, March 2018.

Delhi found #1

I came to one of these vintage shops in Haus Khaz, New Delhi and found several black and white images of Indian women - strange that there are so many. I picked out around 7 images that made me laugh at first sight. I find the women/girls in these photos fascinating and defiant against the stereotypical images of what an Indian woman in particular, or any Asian woman in general, is expected to be. They simply looked like they were enjoying themselves and I love that. I scanned them and added my own illustration, with the flower drawings inspired by Marimekko’s unikko or poppy, the rebel flower. 

Here is a sample.

More soon. 

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